VoiVod – The Wake 2xCD/2xLP Album (Century Media)

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From the get go this had me thinking Nothingface era Voi Vod, with its Floyd-esque proggy passages Away’s frantic, tribal drumming and Snake’s unique vocal delivery. In guitarist Daniel “Chewy” Mongrain the band really have found a natural successor to the much missed Piggy, as Mongrain employs many of the same off kilter riffs and unique time changes that made Piggy’s style of guitar playing (and song writing) an integral part of the evolving Voi Vod sound. However, in typical Voi Vod recalcitrance, by ‘Iconspiracy’ and ‘Event Horizon’ the ‘Nothingface’ comparisons have become redundant, and we find the band reaching further back to the thrashier, yet still ahead-of-its-time-progressive metal style of ‘Killing Technology’ & ‘Dimension Hatross’. The 12 minute aptly named ‘Sonic Mycelium’ closes proceedings by inching into your subconscious and spreading it’s tendrils as the band alternate between the prog/thrash dynamics demonstrated throughout the rest of the album. Voi Vod remain a visionary band who have retained the uniqueness of their sound, while boldly exploring new territories, to release one of their best albums to date. Ian Pickens

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