Violation Wound – Dying to Live, Living to Die (Peaceville)

Honestly, I don’t know what surprised me the most. The fact that Peaceville, in what I can only assume was a glorious moment of nostalgic passion, have released a Hardcore record, that Death Metal supremo Chris Reifert is the mastermind behind Violation Wound or that Dying to Live, Living to Die is a potent as all hell, rocket fuel powered, slab of uncompromising and aggressive rock and roll flavoured Hardcore that kicks like a mule wearing lead lined boots.  Whatever it is, it’s left me with a mile wide, shit eating grin on my face and a finger that refuses to do anything except hit the play button over and over again.

Like Warfare and Entombed playing D-Beat after overdosing on the first four Motorhead albums, Violation Wound are a perfect storm moment. A combination of ideal circumstances and individuals in absolute synchronicity that only happens once every blood moon, Violation Wound are the musical equivalent of the drunk, cocaine fueled Uncle who, despite no-one really waiting him to, always turns up at weddings clad in only a GG Allin shirt, leather underwear and converse and who, during the reception, drinks all the booze, feels up the bridesmaids and the best man and then proceeds to share his vast knowledge of conspiracy theories that just might be true with the youngest, most impressionable members of the grooms family before stealing all of the gifts and vanishing into the night. And as much as you know you shouldn’t, and probably don’t want to, you’re not going to be able to help yourself and you will end up digging the heck out of Violation Wound and Dying to Live, Living to Die. That’s just the way it is… Tim Cundle

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