Vault of Horror: The Italian Connection – Various Artists 2xLP (Demon Music Group)

Italian Horror has always walked its own individual path, subverting convention, tropes and stereotypes in favour of wildly imaginative takes on, and unique interpretations of, the established norms.  Heck, it even created its sub-genre of film, Giallo that infused the traditional thriller with a touch of horror and went on to become a global force to be reckoned with, finding a legion of fans the world over. And the music that set the mood and tone of the films that emerged from the creative forces of Italian Horror cinema also refused to follow any of the traditional rules.

Existing somewhere in the fog dusted,  prog infused, easy listening ether that dances in and out and around the soundscapes composed by John Carpenter, Tangerine Dream and Goblin, Vault of Horror offers up twenty of the best examples of this unique musical force that’ll transport your imagination to places, realms and worlds undreamt of. Accompanied by extensive, thoughtful and insightful liner notes by noted genre expert Alan Jones that explore the history and significance of each of the tracks on offer and wrapped in a jaw dropping, incredibly detailed, retro style sleeve painted by Graham Humphreys, Vault of Horror is a record that any discerning film fanatic would happily sell or trade their organs on the black market* to own.  Magnifico… Tim Cundle

*Thankfully you won’t need to sell bits and pieces of yourself in order to own this brilliant slab of vinyl, as it’s rather reasonably priced and can be pre-ordered here

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