Various Artists – Ralph Breaks the Internet: Original Soundtrack (Walt Disney Records)

I’m a bit of a Disney fan. Actually, that’s not exactly true.  The truth is, I am absolutely, decisively and most assuredly, a massive Disney geek. If the company Walt founded says “Jump”, I say “How high?” and when they release a film I’m usually the first in line waiting to see it on opening night.  However, the fates, timing and the whole Christmas thing have so far jointly conspired to ensure that I haven’t managed to get to my local big screen to see Ralph Breaks the Internet.

That’s about to change though, mainly because I’ve been inspired by this soundtrack to do whatever I have to do to make sure that I see Ralph smash the world wide web to bits with a peanut butter milkshake in one hand and a cup of the strongest java that money can buy in the other. Stirring, uplifting and riddled with emotional moments that’ll make your heart sing and bring a tear to your eye, Ralph Breaks the Internet is exactly the kind of record that I like to put on and relax with after a tough old day at the punk rock office.

Henry Jackman’s soundtrack is packed with musical odes to Disney\’s back catalogue and box office shattering blockbusters (namely Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean) and is just the ticket to transport your imagination to that happy place and make everything seem a little bit better and a whole lot brighter. And while the artists who contribute a song or two to it area bout as far from my usual musical diet as it’s possible to get and would no doubt shatter what little remaining punk rock credibility I have left to pieces where I to name them, in the overall context of this record, they’re a perfect fit and a joy to listen to. Put a little magic back in your step and get down with Ralph… Tim Cundle

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