Twitching Tongues – Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred (Metal Blade)

Back in 2013, I came by an album titled In Love There Is No Law by a curious new band called Twitching Tongues. Upon first listen, I was immediately aware that I was listening to something that only happens once in a while, a hardcore record that breaks normal hardcore clichés and extends past its boundaries. Colin Young’s vocals reminded me of early Keith/Mina Caputo and to a lesser extent Paul Bearer and while the guitar patterns were recognisable as hardcore, they were played in an almost bluesy vibe. Yep, Twitching Tongues were a bit special from the off as far I’m concerned.

Fast forward five years and they have returned with their fourth full length album Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred and they have delivered once again. Considering the fact they’ve lost two members since 2015’s Disharmony, the new guys have settled in really well, with an album full of rock solid riffs and soaring passionate vocals that we have come to expect from the boys. The first thing that stands out on this album is just how epic it is.  The piano led (but no less heavy, might I add) Long Gone is a perfect example of how the guys have progressed their song writing skills, while staying true to the bands signature sound. The glorious opener AWOL (State Of The Union) is a heavy affair with beautiful soaring guitar leads over it, quickly breaking down into the vicious Harakiri which could nestle nicely amongst anything from their previous outings. With political overtones and tales of failure told throughout, the album is almost laid out like a film score, bringing to mind classic albums like Life of Agony’s seminal debut River Runs Red albeit with a modern hardcore twist.  It’s really that good.

With the help of Metal Blade Records, Twitching Tongues could well be the next band to break the hardcore chains and into the mainstream ala Hatebreed. But don’t listen to me, pick it up for yourself and immerse yourself in your new favourite band.….Chris Andrews

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