Tuning sign to Unity Worldwide Records…


New Bay Area hardcore band TUNING have signed to Unity Worldwide Records and have announced the release of their debut album in April 2019.

Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, Tuning play emotional melodic hardcore punk, influenced by the classic Southern California and DC Hardcore sound, with a hint of NYHC and early 2000’s Boston.

Tuning, armed with a powerful punk and hardcore sound, present subject matter on what it means to be human. Though there are callbacks and influences from classic hardcore punk bands such as Verbal Assault, Endpoint, Split Lip, Majority Of One, Dag Nasty, Comeback Kid and Suppression Swing heard in their songs, a current/modern element is present as well. Tuning play hardcore with speed, heartfelt melody, and earnest energy. 

Tuning‘s members have also previously played in a number of bands such as Dead Hearts, Halfmast, Modern Problems, Until Your Heart Stops, First To Leave, Dying For It and Spirits.

Ryan Besch a friend of the band who did also the art and layout for the Control LP and the first Dead Hearts CD, is working on the artwork for the record

Tuning\’s nine Song debut album will be out April 2019 on Unity Worldwide Records and the pre-order links will go live soon, so keep checking in here

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