Tuning – Hanging Thread LP (Unity Worldwide)

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Unity Worldwide have a fabulous track record when it comes to their releases up until now, so even though Tuning is a name I’d never heard of, the fact that UWW were putting this out was enough to get me excited. I got to hear a couple of advanced tracks and that was the perfect appetiser – just enough to grab my attention and leave me hungry for more. On the surface of it Tuning play classic hardcore – not the school of 81 or 82, but somewhere mid to late 80s or early 90s where the bands were slowing things down and introducing more complex melodies. They haven’t lost sight of the older sound, much like bands such as Turning Point, Dag Nasty or Verbal Assault,  all of these songs have got fire in their belly a plenty and just enough fury to keep you on your toes, but musically there is a lot to get your teeth into.

There is a lot of interplay between guitar and bassline melodies such as on the tracks Hawkeye Pierce and Richard Harrow, or Hospice Care which is a short haunting dialogue between guitar and vocals. As the song titles might suggest, there is a common theme through the album of television series and each of these songs works like an individual episode, coming together to build a complete story. As well as the musical greats I mentioned earlier, I am also strongly reminded of Norwegian bands such as Amulet or Damage Control which might seem like an odd comparison, but I guess it means that like the Oslo contingent, Tuning have taken the “standard” hardcore template and stamped their own identity onto it and made a great album in the process. Tom Chapman

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