Toxic Shock – Twentylastcentury (This Charming Man)

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You know West Side Story right? The musical story of the conflict between two New York street gangs, the Sharks and Jets, which is essentially an updated version Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. You do? Good. Okay, good, because Toxic Shock have re-written it, but in their version, let’s call it Thrash Side Story, there’s no romance, no love stories and the gangs beating the hell out of each other have doubled in number and are comprised of members of Suicidal Tendencies, Leeway, The Accused and Testament circa The Legacy. 

And in the middle of that head-on collision between the aforementioned bands and all of the accompanying bloodshed, violence and crossover inspired destruction  that’s where Toxic Shock live, pumping out their insane, infectious, slam-happy thrash attack. Twentylastcentury is full of the sort of barely controlled crossover madness that pits were invented for and it’ll thrash you to within an inch of your life. They came, they saw, they thrashed and with Twentylastcentry, Toxik Shock have made the world a better place… Tim Cundle

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