Totaled – Lament (Profound Lore)

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If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to live through the Cold War and the lunatic super-power brinksmanship that meant threat of nuclear annihilation was omnipresent, all you need to do to discover exactly what it was really like is to listen to Lament. Totaled have crafted an album that reeks of fear, paranoia, disillusionment and the hopeless struggle to find some sort of meaning in the accidental biological maelstrom of existence.

Their intense barrage of Samsara era Catharsis meets Extreme Noise Terror and Cradle of Filth insanity manifests itself in a whirlwind of blisteringly fast riffs, drums and scorched earth vocals that are submerged in a thick, suffocating and relentless production that makes Lament sound as though it were recorded during the UKHC explosion of the late eighties rather than in some nameless, sanitised, digital age cupboard.  And you know what that means don’t you kids? Yeah, that means that I love this band and dig the hell out of this damn record.  Pure Hardcore fury… Tim Cundle

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