Tides of Sulfur – Paralysis Of Reason (APF Records / Sludgelord Records)


I miss Brutal Truth. I mean I really miss them. Nobody did slow and heavy like them, nobody did blast beats like them and nobody sounded quite like Kevin Sharp. That is until now and right under my nose too, in my hometown of Cardiff no less, I have finally found something to fill that particular void. And that something is Tides of Sulfur.

Paralysis of Reason is five glorious tracks of unrelenting violence and misery. The brutal D-beat assault of Worms brings to mind the U.K’s finest purveyors of heavy, Iron Monkey, and at just under 2 minutes long, it’s the perfect opener. Humourless Cunt starts off with famous “Do you know what nemesis means” line from Snatch and begins the bands love affair with perfectly placed samples. Their round shattering riffs and insane blast beats are tethered and tied  together by singer Chris’s ruthless vocal assault and feedback a plenty. If it wasn’t for that savage low end DLMM could be a black metal track and again the samples are used in a way that enhances the track instead of being just an afterthought. There’s more D-Beat Discharge meets Deicide in Pariah, which leads us nicely into the title track, that’s so damn heavy, I’m not sure the bass line even registers during it’s seven minute assault that slowly grinds down into nothing. And then it’s all over.

Simply put, Tides of Sulfur have released five cuts of the finest low end battery since Dan Lilker hung up his bass. I’ve been around long enough to know that Cardiff has hurled up some heavy bands in its time, but these three gentlemen may have just raised the bar. Be very fucking afraid....Chris Andrews

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