The Worst Dudes – Aubrey Sitterson, Tony Gregori, Lovern Kinzierski & Taylor Esposito (Dark Horse)

A massive and very pleasant throwback to late Eighties gross out humour, Aubrey Sitterson returns with another batch of generally unlikeable characters with The Worst Dudes. This gang of intergalactic misfits consist of a dirty cop, a drugged-up back-up dancer, and an angsty teenage god and quite how this premise was dreamed up is anyone’s guess, as the potty mouthed trio embark on a quest to rescue Zephyr Monsoon, the pop star whose tasteless trek to the top is a gigantic stain on the reputation of the divine family.

The language is filthy, the violence is messy, and the sex and drugs side of the story would make a Rolling Stone blush, but this first volume, collecting issues one to five, shows a lot of promise. If John Waters had written Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles after a particularly bad hit of acid, then you’d be in the right ballpark. The artwork by Tony Gregori, perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the book, and is a large part of the retro feel of it all and it must have been quite the challenge to breathe life into these characters who best described as “weird.”

Sitterson, who brought us the awesome Story of Professional Wrestling, has hit another home run with The Worst Dudes and its collection of vile creatures that you’ll despise from the off. But like all the best bad guys, ultimately you’ll end up falling in love with them… Chris Andrews

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