The Restarts – Uprising (Pirates Press Records)

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Hot on the heels of the latest Subhumans release, anarcho punx worldwide have plenty to celebrate musically this Autumn with this double-barrelled approach from Pirates Press Records as they fire out another direct hit from The Restarts. If Subhumans are your archetypal free festival band playing somewhere in the great outdoors, The Restarts are the grimy urban equivalent. Dripping with the frustration and anger that comes from living in the dirty streets of a modern city, \”Uprising\” is a relentless blast against all they see wrong with the world today.

Covering topics such as gentrification, mental health, homophobia, modern apartheid and yes the dreaded \”B\” word, The Restarts are no armchair anarchists but really live by the words they sing, and you can hear the real passion and fire that drives the message home. As is often the case, beneath the verbal rage there are moments of hope and under the musical barrage there are some fantastic melodies designed to keep your toe tapping and your fist raised in the air.

 If you like prime era Conflict meets The Filaments then you’re going to love this band, but there is a lot more to The Restarts than that as their sixth album so ably demonstrates and, as someone put it, they are \”still here, still fucking angry\”. In today\’s screwed up world, we need more of The Restarts in our lives to keep us alert and drive the message home. Tom Chapman

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