The Media Whores – Big Pharma (Twenty Stone Blatt)

It’s something of an exclusive here at Mass Movement as we get a sneaky hearing of the soon to be video single from The Media Whores. Not content with almost scoring full marks for their Dangerous Minds album via publications that can be found on WH Smiths’ shelves, the boys go for the jugular once again with Big Pharma.

The Media Whores aren’t band that shy away from important issues. With a sound that scales proto, post and “normal” punk, Big Pharma is (as you might have guessed), a stab at those pharmaceutical companies that make a pretty penny. I take enough morning medication to also question such things. Are they doing me any good or am I just lining the pockets of some fat cat boss who’s laughing his way to the bank at my expense? Hmm. Paranoia and scepticism may be rightly high and that’s exactly what The Media Whores rally against.

Big Pharma continues where Skinny left off. For those who missed Skinny, it was (and still is) a track that tackles mental health, eating disorders and body imagery. The Media Whores are no spring chickens and the wisdom of time is sure helping their lyrical cause. Stay tuned for the Big Pharma video release and tell your friends you heard it here first. Ginge Knievil

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