The Main Grains – The Rain is Over Now (Self Released)

For those who\’ve been living under a rock, The Main Grains are the latest band involving a certain Danny McCormack. Yes, he of The Wildhearts, The Yo-Yo\’s and more. Bass maestro Danny is joined by drummer Ginna and guitarists JJ and Ben. Last year saw their debut release Don\’t Believe Everything You Think cause a shuffle and a shake amongst the knowing rock fraternity and their faithful fans have been patiently holding their breath for new material. Now the wait is over!

The party punk \’n\’ roll formula that served The Main Grains well previously continues on this, their new single, The Rain is Over Now. It opens with a Stiff Little Fingers style intro that keeps you at the edge before falling headlong over the cliff into a Ramones inspired frenzy of no-nonsense rock \’n\’ roll. No fancy frills are needed here, just straight-up, four to the floor greasy goodness. Oh, and there\’s a cheeky outro key change to make you climax ahead of planting a cigarette in a toothless grin that just gets wider and wider.

What We Gonna Do Now builds with some Slade style kick stomping before dual vocals from JJ and Ben hit you with some \”na-na-na\’s.\” Danny\’s bass thunders throughout and he opens his pipes on the middle 8 before Ben takes you on guitar hero break. This is the closest we get to the spirit of The Yo-Yo\’s, a band which I adored and their Sub Pop release Uppers and Downers rarely left my hi-fi in the year 2000. That was then and this is now, and the gang vocals work a treat here, urging you to singalong and become the fifth Main Grain.

Sock It To Me, Baby closes the single. At first listen the song sounds throwaway, such is its simplicity (think Surfin\’ Bird by The Trashmen). As you catch your breath and casually walk away from the stereo, the repetitiveness suddenly strikes and you can\’t get the bugger out of your head. Damn you, boys! In its simplicity clearly lies its beauty.

As a whole, the band provide all the fun of the early 70s glam era, whilst stopping off for some cheap cider, speed and a three chord knockabout with \’77 punk before bringing things up to date with a high dose of aural Prozac. Credit must also go to Dave Draper on the studio desk. In this day and age it\’s a fearful task for a band to put their faith in a producer when your rock \’n\’ roll wage is limited, but Dave\’s totally got the band and their sound, hence making this their best sonic release to date.

With it’s catchy hooks, The Rain is Over Now single will perfectly kickstart and soundtrack your night on the tiles. It\’ll splash you with Brut 33 and fix the broken soles on your bashed-up brothel creepers before making you dance the night away on a coke fuelled blowout. Catch \’em on the road this December as Crazy Cowboy Live Events hook them up with Tyla\’s Dogs D\’Amour for a debauched Christmas jolly around the UK. Hey, it’s what Jesus would\’ve wanted! Ginge Knievil.

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  1. Top review Ginge, you legend!

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