The Kids – School (Golden Robot Records)

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Old punks may wanna prick up their ears before having a moan and questioning where the next generation of angry, young voices are gonna come from, as Australia may just have the answer. The Kids are, well, kids! Led by drummer Jagger Alexander, no band member is over the age of 15. They’re pissed off kids too, with their debut single School being testament. Their cited influences of Black Flag, Descendents and Bad Brains are all on show in this raucous three minute blast. One thing’s for sure, there has been some excellent parenting skills at play somewhere down this very short line.

Bollocks to any grumpy old sod who says “kids today don’t know they’re born” or “things were much tougher in my day.” In a world where your life is digitally scrutinised and compared, the youth now have problems of their own and The Kids are speaking up with a full-on guitar racket. My generation may not fully understand their vocal leanings, but then we’re not supposed to.

Having already made their way to LA’s Whiskey a Go Go, their debut album entitled I Just Wanna Be Happy is due to land in May. With the abundance of raw talent on show, I just hope no money making shark rips these lads off just to profit on what one may perceive as a novelty act. There may be a legal wrangling over the band name, but the future of punk looks safe in the hands of these upstarts. If the kids are united… Ginge Knievil

Check out The Kids here

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