The January Dead – The Return of the Incredibly Twisted Souls (Self Released)

There’s a hiatus and then there’s a January Dead hiatus. Having formed in 1982, the Newport foursome are remixing old tunes and creating new ones some 35 years since their last outing. And so, enter The Return of the Incredibly Twisted Souls EP.

Pigeonholing The January Dead is nigh on impossible, not that everything should be genre defining. On this four track release we get a hybrid of proto punk, post punk, garage punk and, err, punk! Don’t let that fool you though as for all the the roughness lies big open indie chords, none more so than on A Different Story, where the vocals threaten to enter Morrissey territory at times. This melting pot is very “Newport” to my ears and reminds me of a band that would play The Riverside Tavern before we all headed across Clarence Place to have some Cheap Sweaty Fun at the legendary TJ’s.

Are The January Dead gonna save the world? Probably not, but I don’t think that’s their intention. This is the sound of four guys getting back in the garage to sort out some unfinished business from 1982. Oh, and the drummer sports an exceptional moustache. Ginge Knievil

 Check out The January Dead here

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