The Divided -World You\’re Living In (Contra Records/ Hostage Records)

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Although I\’d never heard of The Divided, within seconds of opener Hit Man Blues blasting from the stereo, it was introduced with the unmistakeable rrroooaaarrr of none other than Raybo from Californian punk giants Bonecrusher. In fact, The Divided is comprised of 4/5 ex members of Bonecrusher, so although the name may be new, musically we\’re treading on familiar territory.

 They rose together with the prominence of Hostage Records some 25 or so years back when one after another, killer bands like The Bleeders, Smogtown, The Decline and of course Bonecrusher led the charge. Well they haven\’t really looked back since so it is fitting that this debut from The Divided proudly flies that very same Hostage flag.

Anyway enough of the history as this new album is equal parts brutal and catchy as hell. Drummer Noah Lysek is a total powerhouse, he pounds those skins hard! That solid beat propels the band headlong throughout the album, with the tight riffing of Pat Hall and Brian Celi and basslines from Richard Zaydel putting the meat on the bones.

 Of course the sound is stamped with Raybo\’s trademark vocal delivery – equal parts spit and sawdust but with the ability to wrench out a melody where anyone else would flounder. This album delivers hit after hit without letting up in intensity, and fans of any of the bands mentioned in here are going to love this, no questions asked. Welcome back The Divided, it\’s as if you never went away! Tom Chapman

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