The Beechwood Helm – Letty Wilson (Quindrie Press)


I\’ve not read a medieval comic for a while and the colour scheme and premise for this comic drew me in. This is a fairy tale about a cursed armour but it\’s darker with the cursed Knight seeing visions of death for whoever he meets. The despair and darkness engulfing the cursed Knight is not only tragic in how he leaves Hyacinth but the backstory on how the curse effects Knight helps develop the character.

Anybody who can write and draw well is impressive but knowing when to focus on dialogue and when to have silent panels is another skill. I can safely say Letty Wilson has mastered this skill. The story about a cursed Knight could have went in many directions like a revenge story, quest to remove armour etc. which is what kept me interested along with the interesting main character. Now onto the art side.

The illustrations remind me of a children\’s book which works well for the fairy tales setting. One of most common art mistakes a comic can make is generic lettering, but this comic doesn\’t fall prey to this for the most part. In fact, as the story progresses the design of the dialogue boxes incorporates emotions and the general art style. The design of the cursed Knight is scary and dinosaur like and the vines show the corrupting influence the armour is having brilliantly. Overall, this is a dark fairy tale with unique art, a complex main character, and a great colour scheme. David Jenkins

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