Territories – When The Day Is Done 10” (Pirates Press Records)

Two years ago, Calgary punk band Territories unleashed their debut album, and here’s the almost-full length follow-up. I suspect the debut came out with a deluge of other releases as it kind of passed me by, but on listening to this record I’ll definitely be digging into the back catalogue. If passionate punk rock is your thing then you need to get yourself some Territories, as this record has got spirit and emotion by the bucket-load. Think of Avail or Downtown Struts; bands that fly the punk flag but don’t hold back from recognising the influence of the likes of Springsteen or Woodie Guthrie.

Words and Music equals action. I stuck this on initially as something to have on in the background, but by the time The Lockdown came on, I realised I had stopped what I was doing so I could focus on this record and really get my head into the tunes. I have to admit, the press sheet accompanying was right – I’ve been constantly flipping this record (virtually – in my case hitting the repeat button on the computer) to listen to the tunes again and again and again… Tom Chapman

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