TenPlusOne – Accept Nothing, Question Everything – CD EP/Download (Self Released)

Hot onthe heels of their well-received debut full length album TenPlusOne,  the South Wales trio, return with a new seven track release and it’s another fine slice of catchy melodic punk with elements as diverse as USHC, 90s indie such as Seaweed and Business style Street Punk/Oi. Those elements combine to good effect on the opening two tracks ‘Regrets’ and ‘Public Image’, while ‘Stronger’ is a replete with an almost Emo-esque chorus (think Dag Nasty rather than MCR) and there’s even a smidgeon of Rock n Roll on ‘Payback’. Overall the songs sound ‘bigger’ and more cohesive than the ones on the debut album –possibly because they’re the first ones written from scratch with this line-up? Who knows; but it’s a consummate release chock full of head bobbing catchiness. It’s a ‘YES’ from me. Ian Pickens

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