Tankard – Hymns for the Drunk (AFM)

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Another aptly titled album from the German thrash metal crew. This fifteen song compilation ties together a speed-fuelled array of (mostly) alcoholic anthems. Tankard’s precision and deliverance is second to none in this genre, and has seen them stay rigidly on the thrash metal path since their inception. Need Money For Beer, New Liver Please, Die With A Beer In Your Hand, and We Still Drink The Old Ways totally encapsulate everything that this band are and will always be. Early classics such as Zombie Attack, Empty Tankard, and The Morning After still sound as ferocious as they did in the eighties. The one thing that sets Tankard aside from many of their contemporaries is the pace at which they still play and it’s almost certainly one of the reasons why Hymns for the Drunk doesn’t contain a single duff song. If for some unknown and bizarre reason you don’t know Tankard (shame on you!) then this is a great place to discover what you’ve been missing out on….  Mark Freebase

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