Tank Girl: Dirty Old Tank Girl – Alan Martin, Rufus Dayglo, Mike McMahon & Brett Parson (Titan Comics)

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The sassiest and most kick ass creation from the minds of Alan Martin and Brett Parson returns this month with the double entendre filled romp that is Dirty Old Tank Girl. Bringing together two Tank Girl adventures, Skidmarks and Carioca the anti heroine also known as Rebecca Buck, accompanied by her ever present partner Booga, are back for some more outlandish and foul mouthed fun.

Skidmarks is a nightmare race from a dystopian future, which of course is right up our girl’s alley. Like a cross between Mad Max, Cannonball Run and Wacky Races, Buck in her sooped up tank takes to the wastelands to claim the prize in her own inimitable way, so that she can pay for her buddy Barney’s surgery, after a particularly bad skateboard spill. Booga, fuelled by copious amount of caffeine, nicotine, cheap fizzy pop and all that other good stuff is on hand as always to assist as we are taken through a typically outlandish adventure, captured brilliantly these days by Rufus Dayglo and we are even treated to a guest appearance from a Ramone, which put an even bigger smile on this punks face. As the race wears on we glimpse backwards at how we came to this point including how Barney met Tank Girl via flashbacks, which help to bring the story together nicely. Following on from that we get Carioca, drawn by Judge Dredd legend Mike McMahon which takes a bit of getting used to as he offers a different perspective on Tank Girl and is not as “gritty” as Dayglo’s work, but that’s not to say it’s not enjoyable, as again we get another excellent slice of nihilistic mayhem when Tank Girl plots the death of a game show host who manages to tick her off, but then has to contend with a raging wife and an army of assassins all baying for her blood. Standard day for this girl really.

The thing I love about Tank girl is how wonderfully British it all is, whilst embracing the 80’s nuclear paranoia, surf/skate scene at the same time. The foul mouthed Tank Girl spouts some uniquely British cuss words while at one point driving around in an old Scimitar being pursued by a London Bus with a dirty great rocket on its side. It’s beautiful. If you don’t have Tank Girl in your life then Dirty Old Tank Girl presents the perfect opportunity to discover a classic comic book character at her anarchic best… Chris Andrews


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