Swedish Culture In TV Series


In recent years, there has been a growing interest in Swedish culture. While this may have started because of furniture, this has now branched out into actually discovering how this country lives. In order to discover more about the culture of this fantastic country, people are moving to Swedish TV shows to get an idea of what this country has to offer. As a starting point though, Sweden is known for its darker outlook on life. Many of their TV shows follow a darker, more twisted take on the world, think series such as Wallander, Bron or Innan Vi Dor.

Nordic Noir and Crime

Crime noir is undoubtedly the main focus of Swedish TV, and indeed other areas such as books and movies. These shows, such as Wallander, tend to have a dark, brooding character who tries to solve horrific crimes. As these characters progress, the audience is taken on a dark journey with them. Often, these characters need something to help them along. And this usually comes in the form of using the hugely popular Scandinavian snus. Many characters can be seen using snus or nicotine pouches during their darkest moments as they try to cope with the situation. A simple trip to SnusDirect can show you all the options.

Making light of it all

However, it\’s not all darkness in Swedish TV. In fact, there\’s a lot of comedic offerings as well. For example, the show Fallet actually spoofs the rather more depressing noir genre in excellent style. Though, it does offer rather dark humour! If you want something that\’s truly light-hearted, then both Bonusfamilijen and Welcome to Sweden tick those boxes. Each of these are classed as dramedy, and show the lives of typical Swedish families as they go about their days. There\’s some pretty good punchlines here too, keeping things entertaining. Check out any of these shows, and you\’ll get a pretty good idea of Swedish culture.

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