Supreme Commander – Tooth and Nail (Supreme Commander)

Me and DC Hardcore stalwarts Supreme Commander, we go back a long way. But after a couple of killer releases on Basement Records that I went absolutely bonkers for, they just up and vanished and seemed to disappear into the punk rock ether.

Figuring that they’d gone to the same punk rock heaven as numerous other great bands before them,  I moved on and I’m slightly sorry to say, almost forgot all about them. Almost. Then, out of the blue, their guitarist Dan dropped me a line, told me they’d just released a new record and asked if I’d like to hear it.

“Do Ursidae defecate in heavily forested areas?”  I replied

“Right ho” answered Dan “I’ll sling a copy your way”

And that ladies and gentlemen brings us up to about three and half hours ago when said record, Tooth and Nail, arrived and was immediately put to work on the trusty old MM HQ stereo. I was not disappointed. Straight from the off, Supreme Commander dig deep and launch into a full blown, catchier than a catchy thing on its catchiest day Dag Nasty meets Fugazi with more than a little Minor Threat thrown in for good measure musical assault that doesn’t let up for a single second of Tooth and Nail’s twenty and some spare change minutes running time.

Neither age nor time have mellowed Supreme Commander who sound tighter, more focused and energetic than they ever did in their previous life. I have no idea where they’ve been, what they’ve seen and what they did during their absence, but whatever it was, it’s paid off and then some, as Tooth and Nail is a balls out, punk rock tour de force. Welcome back Commander, I’ve missed you guys… Tim Cundle

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