Stone – Inch of Joy (Pure Noise)

I remember stumbling across Expire’s debut EP Grim Rhythm way, way back during one of my trawls through the then fledgling Bandcamp and being absolutely fucking floored by it. Some seven years later, following Expire’s demise last year, guitarist Zach Dear has unleashed Stone with himself as frontman and it’s much the same story –  a bit of a blinder.  There’ll be no surprise that there’s a heavy Expire vibe coursing through the veins of this 12-track brick (or should that be stone) in the teeth.  Thick mid-paced riffing is the order of the day with likes of Under the Eye and the opening title track opener promising frenzied pit action aplenty when this lot hit the road.  Chuck a bit of NYHC and some blistering guitar work into the mix here and there and whilst you haven’t got a remarkably original piece of work, what you have got is an antidote to a shit day, a big fuck-off middle finger to the naysayers and a real statement of intent.  Watch this lot fly.  Darrel Sutton

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