Stinky – From Dead-End Street (Finisterian Dead End Records)

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Stinky play the kind of Hardcore that gets my blood pumping and makes me start pointing at no-one in particular while pretending that I can do Kung –Fu by leaping around and throwing a series of crap old man style flying kicks.  That’s right kids, this is the good stuff and these French lunatics know how to bring the noise with their furious, high energy Hardcore that sound like a glorious fusion of the Bouncing Souls and Grand Collapse with a touch of Strife thrown in for good measure. It’s fast, it’s furious, angrier than Kim Jong Un after he’s read Donny Orange’s daily tweets, doesn’t mess around and each and every tune on From Dead-End Street gets straight to it’s melodic, incredibly catchy point.  And it is filled to bursting with all kinds of Hardcore awesomeness. Get it. Get it now.  Tim Cundle

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