Stench – Venture


Stench – Venture CD (Agonia)
Although the info on the promo CD describes this as a being death metal band, right from the outset this record pounds you with a black metal blasting beat and those harmonic high pitched guitar riffs that you\’d more expect in the black genre. As it happens, record opener \”Archways\” is a fairly uninspired run through the motions and it\’s tempting to give up there and then. However on \”The Vast\” Stench open up their box of tricks and let the other influences shine too. From here onwards the style works much better blending death and black metal, with doom and gothic passages interspersed and keeping the record varied and songs like \”Celebration\” or the atmospheric instrumental \”Way\” are original and ambitious. All in all this is a record that comes on leaps and bounds after the weak opening track, but would benefit perhaps from a heavier production and a bit more variety in the blast black metal parts. Otherwise a decent listen. Tom Chapman

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