Stay Voiceless – Where’s Our Revolution Summer? (Gwent Music Collective)


Opting for the singles route, Stay Voiceless are back with their first digital release since 2018’s We’re Not Lovers. For those unfamiliar with the band, just take one look at the title of a former single: Those kids have no idea whatsoever of what went on at Stalingrad. It’s safe to say that this Welsh three piece don’t do things by half; tackling social issues head on and challenging the ideology of the internet braintrust.

With Where’s Our Revolution Summer?, the single picks up where last year left off. That is, another urgent, uncompromising slice of musical vitriol that demands your attention. “It ain’t good if the kids don’t say so” spits Chris Morgan in a repetitive chorus refrain that takes aim at an anxious, narcissistic Facebook generation who compete and compare their lives with others. Expectation is high in the modern world and Stay Voiceless exist to expel their fury on such matters. They have a fire that burns deep inside their bellies and God help those who stand in their way.

Chris Morgan’s vision is cemented by rock solid drumming from Cerys Bennett and the rumbling bass of Andrew Edwards. It’s fierce stuff. With a lead break straight from the James Dean Bradfield songbook, a beautifully ugly landscape is painted before that chorus hook hits you once more.

Stay Voiceless have the capability to stir something deep inside of you; to make you question the current turbulent times in which we live. I for one would be dipping my hands in my pocket should a physical release surface. In my eyes and ears, a collection of their singles would be ace. Long may Stay Voiceless stay beautiful. Ginge Knievil

Where’s Our Revolution Summer? is available now on all major digital sites.

Check out Stay Voiceless here

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