Spoilers – Roundabouts (Boss Tuneage)

I’ve said it before and for the benefit of those who came in late, I’ll say it again. There’s absolutely no way that Spoilers can deny the impact and influence that Snuff and Guns’n’Wankers had, and continue to have, on them. You can hear the legendary jovial London punk rock maestro’s in every single one of Spoilers lovingly crafted, punchy as a ‘roid blasted bouncer after a ten pint binge tunes.  Which boys and girls, isn’t a bad thing at all. Not in this here vicinity. In fact, around these parts it’s just the opposite.

See, I’ve got a bit of a thing for Snuff, and over the last three decades I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen them and sweated my arse off while singing along with Duncan and the chaps. So, if you’re going to sound like any band, sounding like Snuff means that you’re inevitably going to be aces in my book. And honestly, I just can’t enough of Roundabouts. The bloody thing has been playing non-stop all day and it feels like we’re just getting started.

Much as I’m making an issue of the Snuff thing, I’m doing it out of love, both for Snuff and for Spoilers as Roundabouts is one heck of a punk rock statement of intent. Spoilers have taken everything that made Snuff, well, Snuff, added a bit of late nineties California style melodicore muscle and a touch of all things Hot Water Music and created something that’s both instantly familiar and incredibly unique. Which means it’s time, as Lee Hollis once said, to punk right out… Tim Cundle

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