Spider-Man Noir: Twilight In Babylon – Margaret Stohl & Juan Ferreyra (Marvel)


There’s something incredibly special about two fisted pulp adventure stories and the troubled, hard boiled heroes and heroines who fill their pages. The raw excitement that their often unbelievable plots generate can make every nerve ending in your body tingle with a mixture of incredulity and open mouthed amazement and the obsessive need to find out what happens next that they engender in their audience ensures that they keep on turning on the pages while the midnight oil burns until there’s none left. And when you throw Spider-Man and his pantheon of villains into the mix, and change them just enough to make sure that they feel like they belong in their new world, the previously nearly impossible to resist lure of pulp adventure becomes absolutely irresistible.

Hitting like an out of control freight train carrying a cargo of atomic bombs that are set to blow when they scream past their final target that’s bring driven by Indiana Jones, The Spider and Doc Savage, Twilight In Babylon incorporates every pulp trope into its roller-coaster ride story that doesn’t let up or ease off for a second. Juan Ferryra’s gorgeous art provides the perfect vehicle for Margaret Stohl to tell her tale of ancient gods, nazi plots, mysterious heroes from far off lands, divine missions and treachery, double dealing and betrayal. Fast, furious, dripping in rich characterisation and dialogue and a blink and you’ll miss a vital detail which you’ll need to know later on style plot that keeps you guessing right up until the end, Twilight is the unexpected Spider-Man adventure that you never knew you wanted, but have always needed, to read… Tim Cundle

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