Spider-Man / Deadpool: Eventpool – Robbie Thompson, Matt Horak & Jim Towe (Panini /Marvel)

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Nothing lasts forever.  All good things eventually come to an end, and even though they’ve reaced the final stop on their odd-couple, best buds, foiling evil wherever they find it, roadtrip and team-up Spidey and Wade’s decidedly weird friendship will last until the sun burns out and the Earth’s ashes are scattered to the far corners of the galaxy by the cosmic winds. Or, more realistically, until Deadpool kills the entire Marvel Universe. Again.  That’s right folks, after one heck of a run, that’s fifty issues to you and me, Pete and Deadpool are about to go their separate ways, but before they do, there’s just about enough time and pages left for our heroes to go out with a bang and save the world one last time.

Eventpool, as the name suggests, presents Spidey and Wade with their very own crossover event, which is, given that they’re the only costumed crusaders who can save the day, all kinds of cheaty*, mischievous and downright misleading. This is one of those books that doesn’t lend itself to spoilers, and sharing even the smallest of plot points away could ruin it for everyone, so I won’t do that. No way, no how, no sir, I’m not going to do that. Let’s just say that it involves the thing that Deadpool does that no-one else apart from Gwenpool, who hitches her wagon to Wade’s crazy and comes along for the ride, can do and that Robbie Thompson plays an even more important role in the plot than most writers, bar Clive Cussler, ever do. Oh, and as you’d expect from this pair of maladjusted crime-fighters, it’s all sorts of fun and ends exactly as it should – in a huge global meltdown in which everybody dies following a zombie epidemic and a Kaiju invasion. Sorry, I’m just kidding, that doesn’t really happen. Or does it?

If every book reached it’s not-so natural conclusion (sounds better than “it was cancelled” doesn’t it?) in a similar fashion, then the four colour world would be a much better place. Not that it isn’t great already, but it would be that little but better, like adding marshmallow to ice cream or onions to a hot dog, it’d just give it a little bit more zip and zing.  Horak and Towe draw up a storm and Thompson knowing that the writing was on the wall and that the book’s ticket had been stamped goes all out with all guns blazing in a crazier than crazier story that riffs on, and plays off, just about every major comics event of the last two decades.  A surprisingly perfect conclusion to the strange and endearing tale of an oddly perfect couple… Tim Cundle


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