Sirens & Shelter – Carried Your Weight Single (Engineer Records)

There was almost certainly a time when, without properly listening to Sirens & Shelter, I would have puffed my chest out and in some ego and bravado driven wannabe alpha male moment, scoffed at them in a mean spirted derisory manner after assuming that they were just another one of the post hardcore bands who seemed to rise to a position of dominance in the scene during the late nineties and opening years of the millennium.  And I’d have been, partially at least, right.

The bit I’d have been right about was them being a post Hardcore band. But that’s about it, that’s the only thing I’d have been right about. And that boys and girls, the whole post Hardcore vibe that they’ve got going on, is what makes Sirens & Shelter so vital, interesting and appealing. While their roots may lie in the punk rock scene, Sirens & Shelter, have grown way beyond its boundaries. Besides, the whole post Hardcore thing I was talking about a little earlier it’s just wanky music journalist speak that’s lazily used to describe rock bands who think outside of the box and deign to try and do something different.

That’s exactly what Sirens & Shelter do. They push and challenge themselves and their audience, and the end result of their progression and experimentation is the gloriously catchy Carried Your Weight, which for some reason, reminds me of less mainstream, more influenced by Dischord Records and the DC scene, versions of, heaven forbid that you’re old enough to remember them, Compulsion and Cecil; which means that it’s all sorts of cool. And if an almost over the hill jaded old hack like yours truly digs it, then that means that it must be bloody good doesn’t it? Yes, that’s right, it does. So what are you waiting for? Go get it.  Tim Cundle

Carried Your Weight is available on iTunes and Amazon

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