Siberian Meat Grinder – Metal Bear Stomp (Destiny)

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Boy oh boy, it’s time to get your thrash on boys and girls and book your seats on the full speed ahead, crossover train that’s due to call at all stops between Slamming Junction and Stage Dive Ville, before culminating at its final destination, Thrashington . Lace up your converse, jump in the ring and get ready to be pummelled senseless by Metal Bear Stomp and its twelve heavy-weight, mosh happy anthems that’ll rattle your skull, increase your heart rate twenty fold and make you lose your freaking mind. Siberian Meat Grinder, the titanic crossover beast from the East are back with their Beyond Possession meets Suicidal Tendencies flavoured with a healthy dose of Excel and Slayer hard as nails Crossover attack and they sound leaner, meaner, angrier and more focussed than they ever have. This is crossover for the faithful, for those who feel the breakdown in their soul, know the true power of the mosh and more than anything, just want to spend what little time they have left on Mother Earth thrashing, thrashing and thrashing some more. Thrashing’s their business and business is good… Tim Cundle

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