Ship Thieves – Irruption (Chunksaah)

I hadn’t yet had my coffee when I first opened this promo so I missed the connection first time around. But then a few slurps of the black stuff and I twigged that this was a new incarnation of Chris Wollard (of Hot Water Music fame)’s side project. Dropping his name from the band moniker tells you that this has become a fully-fledged band in its own right and damn, that is good news. After all, ably assisted by Chad (bass, Samiam) and Addison and Bobby (guitar and drums, both The Enablers), we’re talking some big names. With that also come high expectations and fortunately the Thieves smash it out of the park.

No frills, no gimmicks, they launch into the opener with a simple kick and snare before powering into “The Embers of Enlightenment”. This bounces along nicely, with driving basslines and loads of glorious guitar melodies, backing woah-ohs and a superb lead vocal line. And so the scene is set, and to be honest it doesn’t let up until the final chords ring out. As with their other bands as well as previous releases, these guys are masters at crafting catchy tunes using minor chords that add touches of melancholy and introspect. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t stop the songs from being powerful and catchy as hell, it just adds some depth to procedures. Music to make you feel alive. Tom Chapman

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