Sharp / Shock – Youth Club (Heart & Skull)

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Has it really been two years since Sharp / Shock dropped their debut album Unlearn Everything?  It only seems like yesterday that it’s infectious blend of New Wave-ish Jam inspired melodies and the ferocious energy of the Stiff Little Fingers first popped up on my radar; and it’s been a staple of my musical diet ever since. Now they’re ready to do it again with their sophomore offering Youth Club, which follows the musical blue print they created with Unlearn and expands it slightly with a nod to the Descendents and thumbs up to The Business, but for the most part though it’s all systems go in what has obviously become tried, trusted and true Sharp/Shock style. And you know what the always and ever elusive they say about something if it isn’t broken? That’s right folks, you don’t fix it. And Sharp/Shock haven’t. They’ve stuck to their guns and turned out another belter of an album. Oh, and just for the record, and I’ve said it before and I’ll no doubt say it again to a captive audience or anyone who’s willing to listen after a pint or five, singer Davey Warsop* has one of the best damn voices you’ll ever hear and manages to convey more passion and soul in a single chorus than most vocalists could hope to do in a lifetime.  Life is too short for regrets, so just get the damn record… Tim Cundle

*No, Davey didn’t pay me to say that. Neither did the label. Although I wish they had. Don’t you just hate it when people are that talented? Lucky bastards.

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