Serpentine – Circle Of Knives

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Serpentine – Circle Of Knives CD (AOR Heaven)
This third release from melodic rock favourites Serpentine sees the quintet deliver a very strong album of contemporary tunes. Catching a classic feel from luminaries of the past, yet able to avoid plagiarisms of any form. Ten brand new songs of presence and depth, of feeling and soul, and of commanding qualities… it’s the solid hooks and rhythms, which drive Serpentine and the tantalising shredding guitars that adds spice to the sounds. There are heavy rocking moments throughout, but backed by melody, yes tonnes of melody! Journey and some of their ilk need to sharpen up, otherwise the likes of ‘Circle Of Knives’ will steal the melodic rock spotlight. With artwork that compliments the entire feeling of the release, it seems these boys are offering the full package. Mark Freebase

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