Sect – No Cure for Death (Southern Lord)

Donald Trump is good for punk and hardcore. Like Reagan brought out that anger in people in the 80’s, heralding a golden era for hardcore, Trump is threatening to do the same. For proof of this, look no further than the debut album from vegan straight edge mob SECT. Consisting of members of Earth Crisis, Cursed, Catharsis and Fall Out Boy, they are the real deal, all practising vegans with a lot of history in this genre and a lot to say.  Yes that right, I said Fall Out Boy.

Hardcore, Veganism and Straight Edge have always been natural bedfellows. Ian MacKaye, Youth Of Today, blah, blah, blah, I don’t need to bore you with the details. The positives of such a lifestyle were clearly outlined by these bands. But in the 90’s some of that positivity turned to anger and along with it came a whole new set of bands. They had a message and they were going to give it to you in brutal fashion. Bands like Vegan Reich, Chokehold, Raid and Earth Crisis emerged taking hardcore into heavier territory. Unfortunately, the people stayed true but the scene itself retreated back into the shadows…until now that is.

With a world hell bent on destroying itself, further abuse on our eco-system and more exploitation of people than ever before SECT have emerged with an absolutely crushing set of songs, which take that heavy sound even further and drills the message home like never before.  Keen to convert words into meaningful action the band have provided us with 10 of the most brutal tracks of 2017. Drummer Andrew Hurley clearly isn’t getting those blast beat urges out in Fall out Boy, so uses them to devastating effect here, while anyone familiar with the scene will recognise the rasping throat of former Cursed vocalist Chris Colohan as well as the dual guitar and bass attack of Scott Crouse from Earth Crisis and Day of Suffering\’s Steve Hart. No Cure for Death is the sound of a riot. Disgustingly heavy. Fans of Nails and Black Breath should take note…Chris Andrews

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