Scandal – On A Roll (Spirit Of The Streets)

Scandal have been causing a fuss for a number of years, having already released a couple of albums, but the band has relocated to the UK from Romania and this is their debut album with the vocals all in English. Their experience shines throughout On A Roll and it is a highly accomplished piece of work that pays tribute to the legends of the genre whilst keeping the sound alive and kicking. In particular opener Trouble kicks off with blistering guitar work from the moment go, in the fashion of the Rejects or The Business – not so much a quiet introduction to the band but more a kick in the face letting you know Scandal is here! As the album progresses you hear nods and winks to the old school here but this is as much a fine slab of punk rock as it is an Oi album with big choruses and melodies plastered all over the shop. Taking notes from those early roots, Scandal take you on a musical tour and with each new song I find myself liking this album more and more with its blend of up-tempo bangers and mid-paced singalongs that bring to mind Perkele or Lions Law. It\’s hard not to drop names as effectively the street punk sound is a well-defined and established one, but with this release Scandal have no reason to hide in the shadows as this is a heavy hitter and a great way to announce their presence on the scene in 2018. Tom Chapman

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