Retrofan #5 (TwoMorrows Publishing)

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I know I’ve waxed superlative about Retrofan before and in all likelihood, I’m going to keep on singing its praises until my dying breath or it ceases publication, whichever comes first.  It is, as far as I’m concerned, the best periodical to have emerged in the last decade and so far, Retrofan has not only been bang on target in terms of content and subject matter, but the quality of the features and the articles has increased exponentially with each successive issue. And this one is the best yet, proving that Number Five really is alive.

Like most self-acknowledged geeks, I adore comics, games, genre television shows and literature and all manner of collectables and toys, but at heart I’m  a Science Fiction and Pulp Adventure kid and this issue of Retrofan is packed full of both. Featuring the most comprehensive and pleasantly personal interview, that offers the reader real insight into both his professional and everyday life, with Mark Hamill that I’ve read in I don’t know how long as well as slightly smaller but no less interesting chats with William Katt (who I’ve also had the good fortune to interview) and cartoonist extraordinaire John Rose, as well as comprehensive, engrossing and incredibly detailed features about Jason of Star Command, Mattel’s Major Matt Mason franchise, the time when the world went Moon Landing Crazy, an excellent Tarzan centric piece by Will Murray, a love letter to the halcyon days of TV dinners and a bunch of mind boggling, informative meticulously written and researched columns, this issue of Retrofan has surpassed and exceeded my impossibly high expectations. 

I have no idea how Editor Michael Eury manages to pack each issue with as much wonderful content as he does, but I’m eternally grateful that he does what he does with such passion and laser honed focus. He’s the best at what he does and what he does is all kinds of awesome. If you only pick up one magazine this quarter, make sure it’s this one.  Tim Cundle

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