Retrofan #3 (TwoMorrows Publishing)


It’s a bird, it’s a plane… It’s Retrofan! While most of the young whippersnappers in internet land won’t be familiar with the famous Fleischer cartoons opening, it seems kind of appropriate to use it as this third issue of Retrofan is, for the most part, dedicated to spandex clad heroes, primarily Superman.  Which is, as you’re probably aware, all kinds of aces in my book.  Even though I’m a die-hard Marvel guy, I have been known to shown my appreciation for the other major player from time to time, and using their super-powered radar, the editorial and writing staff of Retrofan have once again tuned into my brainwaves, read my mind and produced a magazine that could have been written for me and me alone.

From the riveting interview with Richard Donner about his 1978 son of Krypton opus, through to the wonderful features about the animated adventures of Aquaman and Kal-El’s history with Atari and the real life town of Metropolis, this issue of Retrofan delivers a combination of super-powered knock out blows that’ll leave you reeling with dizzying, geek-fuelled pleasure.  And while that’d be enough for most of us, me included, to just blindly throw our money at TwoMorrows while shouting “Gimme”, they aren’t even the highlights of this issue. No sir, the real powerhouse articles this time around are Scott Saavedra’s potted history of, and ode to, Sea Monkey’s, Michael Eury’s exploration of the televisual worlds of Irwin Allen and Ernest Farino’s guide to fanzines dedicated to the fantastic, all of which stand up to, and call for, repeated readings. Of course, there’s more whacky, far out, interesting columns features in the pages of this issue, there always is with Retrofan,  but even if there wasn’t, the incredibly well-researched, hideously knowledgeable and brilliantly written pieces I’ve already mentioned would be worth three times the cover price in their own right. I’ve said it before and I’m almost certain that I’ll say it again, this is THE best periodical, magazine, call it what you will, out there right now and if it’s not a staple part of your reading list, you really need to start questioning your poor decisions and immediately rectify the Retrofan sized hole in your life. Up, up and away… Tim Cundle

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