Reckless Jacks Release Debut Video

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Rising indie mob Reckless Jacks have released the video for their stunning new single Alone Taken from their upcoming debut release, the band have already enjoyed considerable radio success as of late, and are gearing up big things!

Vocalist/Guitarist Mathieu Bertin had this to say about the video:

“The from the song is quite simple “sometimes you’d rather be alone than with someone who doesn’t care about you”. In the video we tried to show that if you’re too focused on yourself then you might not see that this person actually cares about you and you just don’t realize it.”

Reckless Jacks is a young indie-pop rock band with an old soul. Before they met, Matt (vocals & guitar), Scotty (lead guitar), Cece (bass) and Dan (drums) sessioned with the best and rocked out on some big stages.

Their strong, introspective music, harks back to an era when songs made you feel and dance. Matt’s coarse and powerful vocals will capture your heart. With emotive lyrics that whisk you away on a journey steeped in melody. Songs that sit so comfortably inside you, you’ll think you’ve heard them somewhere before, along with anthemic guitar riffs you’ll be humming for days.

Their first live gig was in front of a packed house at Paris’ Bus Palladium. Taking to the stage where the likes of Hozier, Kasabian and Mick Jagger had gone before them. They went down a storm.

As the house lights flickered back on, several large booking agents approached the band, with talk of potential supports and big festival stages further down the line. Our boys had work to do.

Pulling the plug on live performances, they locked themselves away for nearly two years. Honing their songs to perfection, living and breathing artist development and becoming producer-ready.

As blood, sweat, tears and fortune would have it, their hard work paid off.

Brit and Grammy award-winning Stereophonics producer, Jim Lowe was hired and an EP recorded at the brand-spanking-new Stereophonics’ studios in London.

From the word go, Lowe could see something exciting unfold before him and dubbed them a future success story in the making. Loving their unquestionable work ethic and breathless ability to learn on their feet, Lowe was soon busy writing new material with them.

Maybe it’s the lads’ multi-Euro background or numerous musical influences, but Jim Lowe is adamant that Reckless Jacks have an appeal that stretches way beyond UK waters.

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