Ramoms – Problem Child 7″ (Pirates Press)

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Judy Is A Punk, Blitzkrieg Bop and Rockaway Beach cranked out mom-style, with some lyrics adjusted that will bring a smile to any moms and pops aka mums and dads out there in punk rock world. I could wax philosophical about these songs, about parenthood and maturity, about Ramones and New York City, about the impact of punk rock on modern culture, art, culture and politics. I could open a debate as to when a cover version stops being a cover – is it when the lyrics are modified, or when the tune itself is changed?

Or I could have a think about Ramoms – who is this band? Are they members of another band that are using this as an alternative musical outlet? Are they celebrities, indulging in their underground musical fantasies? And who are the Dad Brains, who shared a slab of wax with Ramoms some time ago?! Man, life can get so complicated! And do you know what, with the shit that surrounds us day in day out – western politics about as bad as you could get, climate change deniers holding key positions of power, people not giving a shit about each other – it’s all too easy to get bogged down in misery. In times like these, I would like to extend a huge thanks to the Ramoms for this delightful five and a half minutes of musical joy. Keep on keeping on. Tom Chapman 

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