Positive Reaction – Our Fault (Self)

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Occasionally you stumble across a band that reminds you just how old you really are. Positive Reaction are one of those bands. Self-proclaimed early NYHC devotees, Postive Reaction don’t mess around and rattle through the seven tracks on Our Fault in less time than it takes to make a decent cup of coffee. While there’s an element of the formative years of the New York and Detroit scenes in the tunes and they’re heavily influenced by Urban Waste and Negative Approach, Positive Reaction have far more in common with the UKHC scene of the late eighties and for some reason that I can’t quite put my finger on* they remind me of Ripcord circa Harvest Hardcore. Fuck the kids, old man Hardcore is where it’s at these days. And bands don’t get much older than this bunch of geriatric reprobates … Tim Cundle

*Probably due to senility or some other age related affliction.

Download Our Fault (it’s free) here

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