Plizzken – … And Their Paradise Is Full Of Snakes (Pirates Press Records)

Plizzken is the latest band put together by workaholic Sebi Walkenhorst, also known as Sebi Stomper, lead singer of Stomper 98, and also vocalist in Hardcore / Crossover band Ubergang. Lockdown has affected people in different ways and Sebi used the time to continue doing what he loves – creating music. The result is a brand new band, and the debut album from Plizzken, And Their Paradise Is Full Of Snakes There\’s a lot going on here before we even dive into the music.

Firstly, Sebi is singing in English, which doesn\’t normally happen. So even though you may recognise his voice, it sounds… different! Secondly is the band and album title. John Carpenter – Snake Plizzken – Kurt Russell. Escape from New York, Escape from LA. A unique anti-hero who has spent life questioning authority before turning to the underworld in a dark future world. Now he has his own soundtrack and I think he would approve.

Given the differing styles of Stomper 98 and Ubergang, one thing you should do here is to expect the unexpected and guess what – that\’s exactly what you get. With one foot rooted in classic punk rock and the other in streetpunk territory, this album takes you on quite a journey. I think the starting point of reference might be Roger Miret and the Disasters. This is streetpunk-infused rock\’n\’roll with all sorts of twists and turns.

One moment we\’re talking straight up classic oi! with references to Last Resort\’s Roi and the much-missed MIcky Fitz, but blink and next thing you know you\’re being serenaded by do-wop backing vocals and vibrant keyboards. What holds this together is the fact that this all rocks, with hooks and melodies galore topped with lyrics full of swagger and attitude. Snake himself wouldn\’t give a fuck what you think of this album – he runs his own mission, but secretly I think he would be honoured to have these battle-anthems dedicated to him.  Tom Chapman

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