Pizzatramp – Grand Relapse (TNS Records)

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They’re back. South Wales finest skate punk hooligans have returned to the land of recorded tunes to deliver another vinyl based collection, the title of which is a cheeky and well-meant dig at their brothers in punk rock arms Grand Collapse, of spastically fast, slam happy Hardcore anthems that’ll slap the frown off your face and make you grin like a dog with three dicks.

If a cider addled Ripcord and a cranked to the tits on pills and cheap speed Stupids drove an ice cream van powered by a Chevrolet LS6 and packed with TNT straight into the Houses of Parliament  at one and hundred and fifty miles per hour, then the resultant explosion would sound like Pizzatramp.  Grand Relapse is insanely good and stands as a testament to the fact that punk rock is far from dead and is just as good as it ever was and standing right at the front of scene, sticking two fingers up at the world and doing things their way, are the purveyors of this glorious noise, Pizzatramp.  Ding dong… Tim Cundle

Pre-Order the bugger here

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