Pissed Regardless – Feed the Birds (Creator Destructor)

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Sometimes you just want to thrash. You just want to knock back a six pack, smash a couple of beer bongs, hit the pit, slam your guts out and throw yourself with reckless and wild abandon off a stage. Pissed Regardless know this and have provided the perfect soundtrack for all of us to let loose in our moments of thrash insanity with their manic, vicious, venom filled brand of S.O.D. meets PC Deathsquad crossover. Feed the Birds is fast, thrashes harder than Danny Lilker loaded on ninety nine percent pure crystal meth and it makes you want to push small children off their bicycles and run old people over with your car. And it is absolutely, and unequivocally, thrashtacular. Pass me a six-pack; I feel a thrashin’ coming on…  Tim Cundle

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