Perra Vida – Eterno Retorno (Hell Hath No Fury)

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Occasionally a record by a band you’ve never heard of appears from out of nowhere (or the internet as it’s more commonly known) and blows your undergarments off, knocks your for six and totally bowls you over. Perra Vida from Peru are one of those bands. Until three hours ago, I hadn’t even heard of them and now, I can’t get enough of these bruising punk rockers.

Musically, they’re akin to a harder hitting Natterers with a side helping of the Business, Allos Kosmos and (early) Rancid thrown in for good measure and when they hit the fast button they kinda remind me of a female fronted Union 13. Perra Vida are all about massive, catchy sing-a-long choruses and right now, I wish more than anything that my Spanish wasn’t so darn limited (and by limited I mean completely non-existent) so that I could do just that, sing-a-long with Perra Vida without getting tripped up by my own limited vocabulary.  Punk right out and (try) to sing-a-long with Perra Vida… Tim Cundle

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