Peace of Mind – Penance (Dead Serious Recordings /Powertrip Records)

Oklahoma. The only thing I know about Oklahoma is that good ole’ J.R, the greatest wrestling play by play man, hails from there. Now I can add Peace of Mind to that lump of grey matter in my skull. Formed in 2015, Peace Of Mind are a hardcore band that have delivered an absolutely savage debut album. These Midwestern boys have drawn influences from 90’s heavyweights Turmoil, Earth Crisis and Integrity and smashed them all together in one seriously crushing record

Penance is 12 tracks of metalcore, the way it was, before that term was raped and plundered of any soul. It sounds like Matt Henderson of Madball/Agnostic Front fame jamming with Power Trip. They’ve got that NYHC groove locking in nicely with the punishing heaviness of their aforementioned influences. Spatterings of gang vocals add to that old school vibe nicely, as well as some very welcome guitar harmonics and feedback, Opening track Deity and War And Changes being a perfect example of this and yes there are even samples. Perdition features some pissed off rap style vocals delivered courtesy of Jay from Harm Shelter, further adding to that 90’s vibe and there’s a skit, a bloody skit, not seen since the likes of Clevo idiots One Life Crew. Brilliant!

Everything comes around and Penance is fantastic retro sounding hardcore, brought kicking and screaming into 2018 and I don’t mean that in a derogatory way, as this is as fresh a hardcore record as I’ve heard in ages. This album is going to be on my playlist for a long time indeed and I’m already looking forward to singer Drew shouting in my face at a sweaty venue somewhere….Chris Andrews

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