One Hundred Days – S/T

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One Hundred Days – S/T (Acuity Music)
On listening to this you\’d be surprised to hear that this is the debut record from a young One Hundred Days have managed to come up with a mature, well-written and powerful debut album that has all the ingredients required to make them contenders for the metalcore crown. The production is crisp and clear and the musicianship is of a high quality. I love the riffing that brings back memories of great bands such as Newborn, Bridge To Solace or Shai Hulud – technical riffing that uses layers of harmonies to great effect. The overall sound is heavier than the bands mentioned, mainly due to the guttural vocals that are spat out with venom. The vocals could be a bit lower in the mix, as for me they mask some of the intricacies of the guitar work that I am a real fan of, and there could be more variety in the vocal delivery for my taste. Taken as a whole album this gets a bit long in places, but as a welcoming card from a new band this is a great piece of work. Tom Chapman

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