Omega Glory – S/T 7” Lathe Cut (State Of Mind Records)

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You may remember, I reviewed the debut album from Grey C.E.L.L. a couple of months back, and this band from the US East Coast brought to mind all things noisy metallic Hardcore from the 1990s. Although musically quite different, this debut 7” from New York band Omega Glory is like a ride on a similarly hellish beast.

This is actually a two-person project with Brian from Kill Your Idols/ Celebrity Murders taking care of all instrumentation, and Sean from Most Previous Blood/ Celebrity Murders handling the vocal duties. One thing I loved about Celebrity Murders was the delight they took in delivering chaotic discordance, and Omega Glory really take that to its logical conclusion. Only two of the six tracks on offer here pass the one-minute mark, but they pack a hell of a lot into each song.

Take that Celebrity Murders sound and throw in some modern Napalm Death into the mix and you’re starting to get close. Think also to bands like Dillinger Escape Plan, Coalesce or Martyr AD who pushed the boundaries of heavy music – well this EP does a fine job of recreating the intensity that those bands did some years ago. Should you want to get your hands on a copy of this you’ll need to act fast as this initial pressing is on a super limited lathe-cut 7” – go grab yourselves a collector’s piece! Tom Chapman

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